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The street cleaning program was organized with the help of ASHA’s volunteers and the villagers of Sarapada and Ramachandrapur. The main aim of this program was to maintain proper sanitation in the respective villages. During our survey in 5 Panchayats of Nayagarh, we found that there is no access to proper toilets and they use the road as their latrine in the night. It’s an irony that people do not have an access to clean toilet and are not aware about the govt’s scheme for building a cleaner toilet. There are so many bushes growing on the road which was built by the govt’s scheme called Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak Yojana and due to this they have been sufferings with diseases like malaria, diarrhea etc. During rainy season the condition of roads is even worse. They are still living in the darkness to maintain the basic sanitation need. It is rightly said that charity starts from home and we have started this program from our nearby office area.

During this program we took the task of cleaning two roads and four streets which are approximately 2 K.M. in distance. We found that the Government scheme of ‘Gram Parimal Yojana’ which has been formed to maintain proper sanitation in the villages is not functioning properly. So, we have formed two village communities of 20 people to work in the street and road cleaning program in association with the ‘Gram Parimal Yojana’ workers and also create awareness among people about govt schemes and help them to avail the facilities.

We need support from the community, volunteers and the helping hands of various agencies to achieve our objectives of building a healthy world.