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‘eHealth’ is a health initiative by ASHA where we provide health education to the rural community and provide software to the small and medium healthcare systems so that, they can render better services to the marginalized communities as well as others. we are going to develop an android application so that anyone can access through their phones and will send some daily health tips to the users, connect it with hospitals, doctors etc.  as well.

Therefore, we have developed a module called XccelHIS for the healthcare systems.

XccelHIS is an enterprise-wide solution that provides complete hospital management and patient information across all points of care to allow healthcare provider to deliver the best care possible. XccelHIS is a comprehensive hospital solution that offers complete data integration out-of-the-box. XccelHIS supports a best-of-breed strategy by providing standards based integration points to the Patient Management System, RIS/PACS, and EMR.

XccelHIS is a modern technology based product suite, built on services oriented architecture, that provides a seamless, integrated, one stop solution for the healthcare industry. The product suite leads in scalability and performance, while at the same allowing flexible configurations through its rule-based workflows. The modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance and the n-tier architecture provides a platform that is scalable, reliable, low cost and user-friendly. This not only helps in daily patient relationship management (PRM), but also provides the foundation to foster research and development in the area of bio-medical and biotechnology, enabled by availability of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).