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In the mid 90s, the majority of the population of Nayagarh District, Odisha was overpowered by the growing social evil like superstitious belief, orthodox rituals, illiteracy and poverty which aggravated the education, health and sanitation conditions in those regions. The worsening health conditions had an adverse effect on infant and women. This could be seen in increasing infant and women’s mortality rate and declining sex ratio.
It was amidst such growing discontent that Association for Sanitation and Health Activities (ASHA) established with a vision to uproot the ignorance of people towards education, health and sanitation and thereby strive to build a healthy world
ASHA-Association for Sanitation & Health Activities, established in 2014, is registered under Societies Act, 1860. It is a national level Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in New Delhi, which was primarily working in the area of health, sanitation and environment. Now, it has also expanded it’s development initiatives in the areas of education, training & development, tribal development, human rights, women empowerment, hunger etc.

Research which has now become a new theme, where ASHA is concentrating upon to deal with numerous challenges in global developmental issues.

A team of experienced professional with deep expertise in the field of HRM, tribal development, education, academia, and rural development are providing development consulting services to various organizations (Govt. & non Govt.), individual (unemployed youth both men & women) and others.