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Erastus Bara

Erastus Bara

Patron’s Message


 The 21st century has brought forth new developments and innovations in all spheres of life and has made this world a much smaller place to live in while at the same time it has posed numerous challenges to the mankind. With the advancement in science and technology, information and communication the human developmental issues have also grown exponentially in the past decade. The core human rights like access to clean drinking water, food, health, sanitation, women & child care, education, etc  have largely been unmet even after decades of policy research and planning. These problems are not confined to any particular region/country, but it has crossed boundaries and has become a global concern.

The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target the year 2015, still seems a distant dream; given the fact that many development indicators like women & child mortality, hunger, health and universal education are yet to be achieved.  The pressing concerns of this century are issues pertaining to health, sanitation, poverty, education and women & child care. This generation and particularly developmental partners, international development agencies, NGOs, researchers, academia need to galvanize its resources and make every possible effort to reach out; partner and network across the globe to fight this growing menace.

ASHA is thereby seeking partners, donors, national & international agencies, government, corporate, academia with a view to achieve our goals to build a healthy world.

ASHA is working as a change agent to bring about a meaningful difference in people’s lives. For the last17 years, ASHA is working tirelessly to enhance social cohesion through social capital, social inclusion and social mobility.  This has enhanced the quality of people’s lives and has promoted community development, health, sanitation, education etc and thereby brings about a social change in our society.

Civic engagement in social change is seen as a vehicle for successful outcomes in the field of health, sanitation, education, skill development, women empowerment etc.

As we march forward, to achieve our mission and vision through partnership, this will enable us to bring a better Change in our society.

Therefore, let’s join hands together to build a healthy world.

Erastus Bara