Our strategy is to create awareness about the basic healthcare programs by coordinating our efforts in s mobilization, capacity building and action oriented research. We have conducted various blood donation camps, primary health check-up by networking with the local primary hospital, panchayat etc. We work towards building a brighter and a healthy society. We conduct in depth research on the socio-economic condition of people, seek promotion of rural development such as provision of drinking water and contribute towards holistic and sustainable development.

ASHA is committed to bring a healthy change in the lives of people and ensure a world free of poverty, hunger and diseases. It has therefore, focused its aims and objectives to work at the s level where the trickle-down economics have failed in its efforts to benefit and reach out the poorest to the poor and have deprived people of their basic social, cultural, political and economic rights. Thus, ASHA, in its effort to build a healthy and sustainable planet, is determined to follow the RAPID model of Development.The RAPID framework of development envisages Research, Action, Planning, Implementation and Development module.