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The Economics of Sanitation

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Report, India is on a track to meet it’s goal for drinking water access. Although India is on track in meeting it’s MDGs for safe drinking water, with about 93% of the population having access to improved sources of water. It is still far behind in meeting its target […]

Skill Development Program for Unemployed Youth in the Rural Areas

Today, about 70 percent of India’s population lives in the rural areas, where the majority of them does not get the opportunity to enhance their skills in absence of an inadequate facility of technical institutions in the vicinity of their villages. Due to poverty, they cannot avail the facility available in towns & cities. As a result of which, a large number of the workforce of the societies cannot […]

Cast out the Caste System

Caste system is ingrained in our blood from ancient times, irrespective of religions, social status, geographical areas etc. Scheduled Caste, popularly known as SC in recent days, but officially by our constitution, Harijan by the father of our nation M.K. Gandhi and Untouchable or Dalit by others. The caste system is like a cancer for […]